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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bruins in Prague Against the...Coyotes?

The Boston Bruins will open their 2010-2011 season overseas with two games against the Phoenix Coyotes in Prague, Czech Republic. The two teams will square off on Saturday, Oct. 9 and Sunday, Oct. 10 at the O2 Arena.

It's all an effort to bring the NHL's premiere talent to European fans. Four other teams -- the Hurricanes, Wild, Blue Jackets, and Sharks -- will start their seasons in European cities as well.

But out of everybody the Bruins could play, out of all the NHL teams European fans could want to see and will likely only see once in their lifetime... why choose the Phoenix Coyotes?

A team that filed for bankruptcy not even a year ago. A team that's desperately looking for a new owner to keep it in the Phoenix area. A team that has qualified for the playoffs only once in the last decade. A team that currently ranks at the bottom of the league for attendance and hasn't ever crawled out of the basement.


I'll give them credit this year -- they're ranked 4th in the Western Conference and have exceeded all expectations to this point. But aside from Ed Jovanovski and Captain Shane Doan, they aren't exactly the hot-bed of all hockey talent. Plus they rarely play the Bruins as it already is.

Don't want to knock on 'Yotes fans. But the NHL should've selected a much more recognized, popular and stable team to showcase overseas.


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