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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Game Recap: Caps v. B's, 1/27/2009

Game #48
Boston Bruins
Washington Capitals
Final Score: Bruins 3, Capitals 2 in OT
First Period

Washington goals by M. Green, M. Nylander
Washington assists by A. Semin, A. Ovechkin, T. Fleischmann, C. Clark
Boston goal by S. Thornton, unassisted

Second Period

Boston goal by M. Savard
Boston assist by P. Bergeron

Third Period

No goals by either team


Boston goal by D. Krejci
Boston assists by D. Wideman, Z. Chara

The Good

1.) The Return of Patrice Bergeron

The B's power play looked revived with Bergeron back at the point. A diving play in the second period kept the puck in offensive zone and resulted in a power play goal for the B's.

And tonight, for the first time all season, Bergeron showed flashes of his former self. Crisp passes in the third period led to chance after chance for the home squad. Fearless, he positioned himself perfectly to restrict passing and shooting lanes for the opposition.

Though his speed wasn't top-notch, Bergy managed to keep up with the tempo of the game and comfortably transitioned into playing again.

2.) Save After Save a la Tim Thomas

All-Star Timmy Thomas stopped 34 shots, effectively stunning the offensive Washington juggernaut.

Despite letting a few juicy rebounds fly, Thomas looked unusually sound positionally. He played a relatively flopless game, relying more on his pads and trusty glove for tough saves.

Toward the end of the game, Thomas robbed the Caps with a fantastic save using the tip of his skate. He must've learned a thing or two from watching the Circus De Soleil at the All-Star game.

3.) David Krejci: Man or Mammoth?

David Krejci lugged more than 20 minutes of ice-time tonight, but it paid off. The rising star snuck the puck around the post and right into the left-corner of the goal, winning the game for the B's in overtime.

The goal bumped Krejci's season total to 18. Combine that with his 35 assists, resulting in a whopping 53 points.

The Bad

1.) Penalties, Penalties, Penalties

The Bruins booked six tips to the sin-bin tonight, including one only seven seconds into the game. Taking four hooking penalties is inexcusable. And two high-sticking calls? Unacceptable.

The boys needs to watch their sticks along the boards and especially in the corners. Energy and grit are important to the game, but not to the point where they can cost you games.

Luckily, Washington's power play failed to convert on every chance.

2.) Sparkless Milan Lucic

Lucic didn't fulfill one of The Buff's keys to the game: Dominate the physical play. Though he registered four hits, none of them stood out and none of them changed the tempo of the game.

Looch proved tonight that he's a non-factor unless he's at the top of his physical game. Bone-crunching hits leads to turnovers for the opposition and opportunities for the B's. The team turns for Lucic to fill this role.

Hopefully he just needs to shake off some rust and get used to throwing his shoulder again.

3.) Clip Hunwick's Wing

Matt Hunwick proved tonight why he belongs on this team as a defenseman, not as a forward.

The rookie looked lost on the ice. He seemed inclined to shift back to defensive positioning and forego his role as a forward. And he only saw about seven minutes of playing time.

Hunwick did finish the game even, though. Not bad enough to be considered "ugly."

The Ugly

1.) Byron Bitz v. Donald Brashear

I'll give credit to Bitz for going after one of the NHL's top heavyweights. But it wasn't hard to tell that Brashear didn't want to hurt the kid.

The bout was a grappling match if anything. Brashear threw a few jabs on Bitz's chin toward the end of the scrap and then took him down for the KO.

I don't think B's fans would be disappointed if Bitz didn't drop the gloves again this season.


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