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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Latest Loss Begins New Woes

Boston dropped its fourth consecutive game last night during a hard-fought battle with the Nashville Predators.

The B's managed to pot two goals, including a nifty garbage goal by Zdeno Chara with about a minute left in the game. But they ultimately fell short in the fourth round of the shootout.

The boys put forth some great effort last night, but they still need to tweak their finish.

For example, Phil Kessel had plenty of opportunities to bury one toward the end of the game but couldn't because of poor timing. One of the opportunities included a clean breakaway into the attacking zone that he unfortunately choked on.

David Krejci and Blake Wheeler looked the best they had all week, combing for a goal in the second period. Both showcased some moves, but they still need to simplify their game a bit.

Patrice Bergeron looked like his old self, notching an assist on Chara's late goal. He's improved his play along the boards in the past few games, something the B's desperately need.

Goaltending could've been better last night. Though Manny Fernandez displayed a few spectacular saves, he was beat too easily in the shootout. Nashville went top-shelf with a couple of backhanders to shut Manny down.

The loss marks the first time the B's have lost four games in a row all season. They have a chance to break the skid Tuesday against the slumping Carolina Hurricanes.


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