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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trade Deadline: Beware Rumor Sites

Bruins Buffs --

With the trade deadline coming up, just wanted to take some time to warn you about visiting hockey rumor sites.

Sites like the HockeyBuzz and The Fourth Period are great to kill some time with. All sorts of rumors over there, some even borderline ridiculous. They've been spewing handfuls of Bruins rumors lately as well.

But remember to take the rumors you hear with a grain of salt. The anonymous hockey blogger Eklund, though knowledgeable of the game, has been wrong more times than I can count. And the man never lists his sources, making many of his proposals questionable at best.

Stick to reliable sources, such as the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and TSN. Just this morning, Kevin Paul Dupont reported in the Globe that Tomas Kaberle is on the Bruins' go-to list come deadline day. Though I may not agree with everything Dupont has to say, he's a hall-of-fame journalist with credentials.

And, a plug for one of my favorite forums -- Hockey's Future. It's a great place to discuss the trade deadline and rumors. Plenty of insiders there. Check it out sometime.


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